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I’m hilarious.


I’m hilarious.

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So I’m a rising high school senior. And I have officially discredited this blog forever. But whatever.

Anyway it’s about time I started looking at colleges. I have a thick folder of junk college mail that I’ve stuffed away because I haven’t really been forced to give a fuck up until now. Now, though, I’m going through it and coming to the slow realization that I’m really just deceiving myself if I think I’m going to make it out of state. My destiny seems to be the University of Arizona, and don’t get me wrong I’d love to go there. I already have friends there, a significant portion of my graduating class will end up there but it’s such a large school that I’d be able to build an entirely new community.

But I have this naive notion that there is a college out there that would actually fit me. Somewhere I could go with no one I’d ever known and build myself something new. Foolish, but whatever.

While I was in Boston I visited BU and while I loved the city something about the university really set me off. If I got the scholarships to allow me to go to some expensive East coast city like that I’d jump on the opportunity, but I have to face the fact that while I have the scores for that, I’m a lazy ass and won’t make it happen. Searching for both colleges and scholarships just sounds boring as fuck.

Basically, I think my laziness will cause me to end up in Arizona. Yes, I’d like to go to college here, but i just think I could be somewhere so much better and so much different. Either way, scholarships or no, I’m probably going to have to work my way through school because I’m going to avoid loans like the fucking plague.

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Keep Calm and……..


Keep Calm and……..

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Charles Seliger.

Don Quixote (Don Chisciotte), 1944. Oil on canvas, 76.2 x 101.6 cm.

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Gift of Elaine Graham Weitzen.

Homage to Erasmus Darwin (Omaggio a Erasmus Darwin), 1945-46. Oil on canvas, 90.8 x 70.5 cm.

University of Iowa Art Gallery

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  • Straight girls: I want that body!
  • Lesbians: I want that body...on me.
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but you can’t find the words to say whats needed so you end up in this very boring conversation that makes you want to ditch them as you slowly grow more irritated at them for something they don’t know about and didn’t do. Then, as you try to be polite and not talk to them, ask what they did and you have to not say that you find them fucking boring and irritating in that moment because people don’t take kindly to that and that. Besides, you realize, it’s not their fault that I’m in a shitty mood because there’s something I need to scream at the world but I just can’t find the words to make myself intelligible.

Text 26 Jun 3 notes To the tea partiers who praise Ayn Rand and Objectivism to the high heavens-

Do you realize that Rand was pro- choice, an atheist with a particular disdain for religion and who often attacked the Catholic church, and, though she herself disapproved of homosexuality, defended their rights as equal to those of heterosexual couples?

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